D4.3 VMSAv8-64 translation table format descriptors

In general, a descriptor is one of:

  • An invalid or fault entry.
  • A table entry, that points to the next-level translation table.
  • A block entry, that defines the memory properties for the access.
  • A reserved format.

Bit[1] of the descriptor indicates the descriptor type, and bit[0] indicates whether the descriptor is valid.

The following sections describe the ARMv8 translation table descriptor formats:

Memory attribute fields in the VMSAv8-64 translation table format descriptors on page D4-1699 then gives more information about the descriptor attribute fields, and Control of Secure or Non-secure memory access on page D4-1702 describe how the NS and NSTable together control whether a memory access from Secure state accesses the Secure memory map or the Non-secure memory map.

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